Coeditors of a book: Tips for Success

2 women who could be coeditors of a book

What does it take for coeditors to work together well? I’ve worked with coeditors on several of my textbooks. The Role of Coeditors Once your plan for your book includes more than about 12 chapters you will usually need help from a coeditor. A coeditor needs to be detail-oriented, good at managing people, diligent and […]

Avoid the Sea of Publishing Scams

thief coming through monitor

Have you written a book? Are you thinking of publishing one? Are you aware of the publishing scams? The desire to see your work published is a passionate one. Unfortunately, many unscrupulous individuals and entities will exploit your desire, take your money, and leave you nothing in return. Consider this letter. I am Dan of […]

My first article: how I got published

Pat Iyer

Having articles published is a definite boost to a career. Getting your first article published stimulates your writing efforts and establishes more credibility with your clients. My first article I always enjoyed reading books and creative writing classes I took in high school. When I was in graduate school, I took a course that involved […]