What to Do Before You Write a Book

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You have a deep desire to write a book. You’ve been writing down ideas, and you believe that you could develop an original approach to your subject. This makes a great start, but before you set the keyboard on fire, do your research. Check Out the Competition before You Write a Book Whether you started […]

You want to write – why don’t you?

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So many people—often those who are successful in their chosen fields harbor buried urges to write, paint, or express some other artistic urge that they’ve always denied themselves. They want to write a book. I wonder how many of them, when they come to the ends of their lives, feel tremendous regret at having failed […]

Top 3 Grammatical Mistakes

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Avoid these top 3 grammatical mistakes if you want to present yourself as a skilled writer. Use of the apostrophe Last week I was setting up books on a table for a book sale. One of the books I came across was called “Cave of the Bat’s”. I was horrified, not by the bats, but […]

How to Inject Your Personality into Your Blog

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When people first started blogging, many people used the platform to inject their personality into their blogs. They ranted (and raved). Today, business blogs may serve many purposes. They educate, persuade, and entertain. In today’s impersonal world, that can make a critical difference in who a potential client or customer chooses. Showing Your Personality Your […]

Coeditors of a book: Tips for Success

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What does it take for coeditors to work together well? I’ve worked with coeditors on several of my textbooks. The Role of Coeditors Once your plan for your book includes more than about 12 chapters you will usually need help from a coeditor. A coeditor needs to be detail-oriented, good at managing people, diligent and […]

Avoid the Sea of Publishing Scams

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Have you written a book? Are you thinking of publishing one? Are you aware of the publishing scams? The desire to see your work published is a passionate one. Unfortunately, many unscrupulous individuals and entities will exploit your desire, take your money, and leave you nothing in return. Consider this letter. I am Dan of […]