Ghostwriting with Pat Iyer

Are you too busy to write but are bursting with ideas and knowledge you want to share with others? We can work together to get your knowledge into words. Authors appreciate the process of being able to “talk out” their book with me. These interviews are transcribed and I edit, organize and polish them into chapters.


It’s not easy to write a book, and few people realize how many bestsellers were actually put together by a ghostwriter. Maybe grammar, spelling, and punctuation intimidate you, or you need help getting your book done within a busy schedule.

A great ghostwriter can organize, start and finish the book. Many published authors turn to Pat for her experience and expertise.

Find out why Pat may be just the person you need.

“If you’re an expert, thought leader or just someone who wants your content exposed to the world, Pat Iyer can help you accomplish that goal and make your content shine. From her ability to weave pertinent stories into the flow of your information to the assembly of that information in a clear cut, concise and coherent manner, Pat Iyer will elevate your information to a higher level.

In so doing she’ll make your information more understandable, informative and engaging.”

– Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator and Body Language Expert