Book Coaching

Book Coaching with Pat Iyer

A Book Coach is a writing partner in all aspects except for actually writing and can include a bonus editor!

A Book Coach works with authors from conception of their idea to completion of the book.

We put together the book outline and I act as a writing partner and accountability coach, someone to bounce ideas off of, and someone to ask you questions and help you overcome challenges in the writing process.

Book Coaching

Are you like 81% of Americans who feel they have a book in them and want to write it, but don’t know how to find the time to write a book?

Wouldn’t it help to have a step-by-step blueprint of what to do?

Do you crave the sense of accomplishment of holding a book in your hands, but are you afraid to start and not finish it… or afraid no one will want to read it when it’s done?

You need the best book coach you can find.

“Pat Iyer is to writing what Babe Ruth is to baseball: a standard of excellence.”

– Greg Williams, Master Negotiator,
Author of Body Language Secrets To Win More Negotiations

“Working with Pat Iyer unlocked the creative possibility of writing a book. Her system of organizing my ideas and developing a book proposal helped me find the book my colleagues were urging me to write. ”

– Bishop Warner Brown