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Is this you?


  • You have written a book and want to present your most polished product. You know you need to get it edited. I can help.
  • You want to write a book but need help getting it started or completed. I can help.
  • You have an idea for a book but the thought of sitting down to write it is overwhelming. I can help.
  • You have written a book and want to turn it into an online course. I can help. Check out this page.
  • You have material you’ve presented in a different format (webinar, keynote, training workshop) and you want to turn it into an online course. I can help. Get more details at this page.


Why get published?

  • A published book will show your expertise.
  • A book will attract to you those potential clients and students who are drawn to your ideas and methods.
  • A book will advance your career or business.

What will a book editor do for you?

A book editor serves as a consultant, guide, and expert to guide you through the process of completing your manuscript. Whether you choose to work with a traditional publisher or self-publish your book, an editor organizes, tightens, and polishes your work. As an editor, I can help you on several levels.

The process will vary according to which service you choose. You and I will have an initial consultation to discuss the scope of your book and to develop a plan.

My services include:


It’s not easy to write a book. Is this you?

  • You have an idea for a book but don’t know where to start.
  • You feel you know your subject but don’t know how to organize material.
  • You are busy and wonder how you can accomplish writing a book.
  • You wish you had someone with writing expertise to guide you.
  • You have clear ideas for writing a book, but grammar, spelling, and punctuation intimidate you.

Are you too busy to write but are bursting with ideas and knowledge you want to share with others? We can work together to get your knowledge into words. Authors appreciate the process of being able to “talk out” their book with me. These interviews are transcribed and I edit, organize and polish them into chapters.
woman holding a book on page about editiing services

Developmental Editing

You have great ideas, but you aren’t sure how to organize them. You need help with structure and content flow. You may need help in composing an outline. You might need someone to turn your raw material into a carefully organized and easy-to-understand book.

As a developmental editor, I help authors gain the vision for their book and guide them through the process of writing with calls at a frequency we agree to until your manuscript is completed.

I review what you’ve written and suggest ways to alter the manuscript to make it complete, comprehensible and correct. I will provide copy editing and proofreading services until your manuscript is ready to be published.


You might think that if your book is traditionally published, an in-house editor will take care of proofreading and editing, but such services are decreasing as publishing houses cut back on expenses. If you choose to self-publish, you should have a professionally edited book to avoid the typos and grammatical errors that too often characterize self-published works.

What if you already have written your book and need some editing before it is final? I will edit and proofread your book until it is polished and ready to go to a publisher or to be self published.

Any successful author will tell you that a manuscript needs a second pair of eyes. We get too close to our material. We read it the way we think we wrote it. We read words that aren’t there. And unless you’ve been editing and proofreading your material on a regular basis, you know it’s been a long time since you learned the rules of grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Editing takes the review process a step deeper. I replace repetitive words and phrases, cliches, rewrite incorrectly structured sentences, and turn passive language into active and powerful writing.

I will catch those embarrassing typos and help you present your knowledge in a professional way.

If you are working with a traditional or indie publisher, I will help you submit a professionally polished manuscript or book proposal.
Pat Iyer

Why Me?

It is not easy to be objective about what you write. A person like me with extensive experience writing can give you suggestions on how to address holes in your content, redundancy, material out of order, and concepts that need more elaboration.

I am a nurse who has written or edited over 800 books, chapters, online courses, webinars, articles, or case studies. I have a passion for writing and helping others achieve the benefits I have gained from being published: professional recognition and a successful business.

Podcasters seek me out to share knowledge about editing and writing. See a list of my shows with links to interviews here.

Jeffrey Hayzlett

Jeffrey Hayzlett

Pat Iyer is one of our top C-Suite Network partners.  She is the best ghostwriter and editor in the business.

Jeffrey W. Hayzlett

Chairman, Primetime Television &  Podcast Host, C Suite

The World’s Most Trusted Network of Business Executives

Theresa Rose

Theresa Rose

Pat was the perfect editor for my latest book, Mindful Performance. She immediately understood my needs and made just the right edits and improvements to take my good book and make it great. She was responsive, thorough, communicative, and pleasant to partner with. She’ll definitely be my editor for all future books!

Theresa Rose, Author of Mindful Performance: How to Powerfully Impact Profitability, Productivity & Purpose

Nancy Lynn

Nancy Lynn

If you want to write a book and need someone to help you get it done, Pat Iyer is THE one. She will be your accountability partner, keeping you on track, organized and on time. As a skilled editor, Pat will take you through the process of putting the book in your head into people’s hands.

Nancy Lynn, Author of The Young Polished Professional

National Speakers Association NYC chapter holding Nancy’s book


I can’t say enough about my editor Patricia Iyer. A consummate professional, she served as a valued and objective outsider reviewing, editing and organizing my manuscript from her fresh and experienced perspective. Most importantly, she reminded of the importance of writing to my audience and not to myself.

Muktananda, Author of Conscious Awakening: A Journey into Light

Michael Snell

Michael Snell

“Pat Iyer brings the highest level of professionalism to writing and developmental editing projects. Her work with Greg Williams on his book Body Language Secrets to Win More Negotiations made my job as her literary agent a pure delight.”

Michael Snell, Literary Agent, Michael Snell Agency

Pat Iyer and Greg Williams“Pat Iyer is to writing what Babe Ruth is to baseball, a standard of excellence. Her writing skills enhanced my book, “Body Language Secrets To Win More Negotiations” immensely. She took what would have been words delivering a good message to words imparting greater insight and wisdom. I loved working with Pat and can’t wait to do so on my next book project.”
Greg Williams, Author of Body Language Secrets To Win More Negotiations

Greg Williams

Greg Williams

When you want someone to help you, your content, and/or your book be more appealing to more people, you want Pat Iyer on your team. She will definitely help you achieve that objective. Pat has worked on several book projects with me.
Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator and Body Language Expert, Author of Negotiating with a Bully

Types of Books I Edit

I specialize in non-fiction books and excel in business and medical topics.

Talk with me. I am happy to help. Give me a call so we can see if we are a good fit.

how to get published

How to Get Published

In today’s competitive environment, the person with publications stands out. Writing is a skill that can help you achieve great results in your life and career. Gain from the power of being a published author.

  • Would you like to people to instantly recognize your name and say, “I know you. I read your book”?
  • Would you like a client to say, “I see you’ve been published. I have work for you”?
  • Would you like to reach hundreds of thousands of people with your message?
  • Would you like to have instant credibility and visibility that will bring you income?

Get all the details at this link.