Top 3 Grammatical Mistakes

a bat

Avoid these top 3 grammatical mistakes if you want to present yourself as a skilled writer. Use of the apostrophe Last week I was setting up books on a table for a book sale. One of the books I came across was called “Cave of the Bat’s”. I was horrified, not by the bats, but […]

Make Your Writing Lean

lean writing is like lean men

Bloated writing, like a bloated stomach after a big meal, can put you to sleep. Is your writing lean? Have you ever read a piece of writing that bored you without your knowing why? You started reading it because you had an interest in the subject, but you found yourself unable to finish it. Many […]

How to Use Lists in Your Writing

checklist is effective to show lists

Why should you use a list? Lists improve the readability of your material. They make it easy to cluster information in a format that can be quickly scanned. Also, lists are useful for breaking up a long sentence into a more reader friendly format. Readers appreciate a list that breaks the style of the material […]

Tips for Natural Sounding Writing

2 women in a restaurant

How can you achieve natural sounding writing? Imagine you are in a restaurant with a friend. You’ve just seen a technical report you want to share with your friend. As you explain the results, your friend asks questions which takes you deep into the conversation and to further explanations. Do you ever wonder if you […]

How to Edit Your Own Work

red pen used to make edits

You’ve written a report, speech, newsletter, or other document. You’ve put a lot of time and thought into it. You have an investment in it. Now you need to edit it. You can find lots of practical advice about how to edit your work. However, none of these suggestions will work for you until you […]