man with laptopDoes your blog seem to be in hibernation? If so, these suggestions may return it to life. When you let a blog lie dormant, you miss marketing opportunities and become much less visible.

I’ve been blogging since 2009. I’ve written thousands of blog posts for people interested in health, attorneys handling cases involving injury, legal nurse consultants who work with those attorneys, and people in business who want to refine their writing skills. (That Is the focus of this blog.)

1. Give It Purpose

 My coaching clients at LNC Success Connection often ask me, “What should I write about?” That question is easier to answer when you know who is reading your blog.

Have you changed the focus of your business or are your clients still the same?

What are your readers’ needs? What is occurring in their lives that you can write about?

What is the focus of your business? For example, if you are a writer like I am, your purpose is to write blog posts about writing, which could include tips about the process of writing, publishing, editing, and other writing-related topics.

If you are a coach, you’ll be blogging about the content that will best fit the needs of your potential and actual clients. Perhaps you have expertise in branding, so you’ll include case studies, tips, and strategies that will encourage your reader to see you as the expert.

Don’t write about your most recent vacation and what your children are doing unless you can bring those themes back to your central purpose.

In a Word Press blog, you can use the categories to help your readers dig into several posts surrounding a specific type of information. Be sure you remove the dread “uncategorized” category – organize the material for your reader.

2. Give It a New Look

 Reinforce your purpose by choosing a website design that emphasizes your focus.

Look at your site objectively and on different devices: a phone, tablet, and on different browsers. Ask your friends to also look at it.

Ask these questions:

  • Overall, does it have a clean, attractive, and inviting appearance?
  • Is it in an easy-to-read typeface?
  • Do the colors and design work harmoniously?
  • Is it easy for visitors to navigate?

Change it up wherever necessary.

Add video clips, testimonials, links to products, and occasional guest blogs.

3. Be Patient and Write Posts That Aren’t Time-Sensitive

Keep a journal and use It to write down ideas for blogs. Capture those fleeting thoughts.

As events occur in your life, think of how these stories would be useful to make points In your blog. Some of my most

 These suggestions work together. People in a wide range of careers put up websites or blogs and expect that people will come to them magically. While you need to promote websites and blogs, even with promotion, you still need patience.

And if you write about subjects that have more staying power than the latest headline, readers will find your blog. If, for example, you write self-help books, don’t highlight the latest self-help fad, write about perennial and proven methods. Write about personal and social values.

I use a tool that enables my blog posts to appear at set intervals for a year. Once I activate the system, the post will be scheduled to appear and I don’t have to do anything else. I included the link to the system here.

With this approach, your work will never grow stale, and you will be found.

Blogging Tips

Want a dozen tips to make your blogging fast and easy? Get my audio program. Enjoy the convenience of being able to listen to these tips while you walk, exercise, or drive.

You’ll know much more about blogging so that you can comfortably add or improve this powerful tool on your website. If you are already blogging, these tips will inspire you and help refine your practice. Order it here.