All of us, at some points in our lives, feel that life is unfair, and we can find plenty of evidence to back up those feelings. We can feel so victimized that we can’t move beyond them. It takes resilience to climb out of the rubble and begin anew.

Pat Iyer’s life demonstrates this kind of resilience. When she was a young married woman who had just gotten her master’s degree in nursing, she and her husband took out a high-interest million-dollar loan so that he could start his own business. The business failed, and Pat, six months pregnant, faced the possible loss of their home and everything they owned.

She briefly imagined being homeless, caring for her child in a cardboard box. But Pat had an immigrant Irish mother who taught her not to expect life to be fair but to take responsibility for making the life she wanted.

Armed with this deeply-instilled lesson, she and her husband avoided bankruptcy. She went on to build a million-dollar legal nurse consulting business. While running the business, she also wrote 49 books, mostly on subjects related to nursing and legal nursing consulting. She sold that business and continues to consult on legal cases, and she also focuses primarily on helping others realize their dreams of becoming authors.

Listen to Pat’s story to learn how, even if life isn’t fair, the right attitude can make it good. Join us for this edition of Legal Nurse Podcast.


Join Pat in this episode of Writing to get Business Podcast and learn about How to Promote a Business with a Book

• How does thinking life isn’t fair make it worse?

• Why is self-reliance a necessary personal quality?

• Why is it especially for a woman to rely on her own abilities?

• What is the value of writing a book to promote your business?

• What elements should be in a book about your business?


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