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Announcing: The new smart phone mobile app for enhancing your writing

Our new mobile app puts your favorite writing tips content in the palm of your hand.

  • Want to learn on the go?
  • No more lugging around your laptop, waiting for your laptop to boot up, hooking into wifi, typing long URLs, or repeatedly signing into our system.
  • You’ll get instant access to information in several formats. Carry your content in your pocket.

 What’s on the app?

The app puts our content in one place for you. 

Whether you have an hour or 10 minutes to spare, you’ll find something on the app to enjoy.  –

  • Free online training
  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Courses
  • Free resources members will be able to access their online training using the app.

Here’s how to get the mobile app:


  1. Complete the form below.
  2. It takes a few minutes to receive the email. Check your email on your smart phone. (Important: you can’t download the mobile smart phone app to your computer.)
  3. By filling in your phone number you are agreeing to receive occasional push notifications with information. We promise not to abuse your phone number or share it with anyone else.
  4. Pick which type of phone you have – iPhone or Android – and download the Apple app for iPhone or the Play Store app for an Android phone.
  5. Sit back, relax, and start exploring. We’ll be updating the app with new content every week.

Our newest users say:

What a brilliant idea! I love the convenience of the app, great when I’m in the car instead of trying to find content. The app is easy to navigate, clear with simple access to everything. Congratulations on another great initiative. Eunice Gribbin Australia

I love having all the content in one place. It is so easy to use. Brenda Pabellano St. Cloud FL

 I love this! Willella Hayes Rosedale, NY

Wow- the Expert Edu app has everything. Thank you, Pat!  Susan Haibeck

I love your podcast. It has lots of good information I listen to when I walk. Your guests have made me realize that we need to have a broader understanding of how businessworks, and that we can learn from people in similar industries. Keep it up. Barbara Gaynor