Al Kushner, financial educational specialist, knows about the pain and suffering being financially unprepared for the cost of a funeral causes at a time when people already feel overwhelmed with grief and sorrow. He has seen people have to take out loans, max out their credit cards, and start ill-fated GoFundMe campaigns.

He wanted to help people stay clear of these economic quagmires. This desire inspired him to write The Savvy Guide to Burial Insurance.

Al understood the importance of timing and knew that people would, unfortunately, have a particularly great need for the kind of specialized information he could provide. He researched a wide variety of options and compiled them in his book. He provides information about various ways to prepay for a funeral and explains in detail the relationship of age and health to the cost of insurance plans.

Al’s choice of subject material can teach any authors who may feel reluctant to tackle difficult and sensitive issues—even if it’s their area of expertise. If you are such a person, let Al’s story help you realize the necessity and immeasurable value of airing these subjects. If you give one person the tools to solve a huge problem, you will have made a difference.

Being a highly sensitive person is like having a world of technicolor. It’s like when you walk out when you’re in The Wizard of Oz, you go from being black and white, and everything is bright around you. That has been Amy’s experience in a lot of ways. She feels things differently, and she feel things very deeply, sometimes. But that is something that she’s had to learn to harness and understand herself a lot more as she’s done this work and her own internal work, too.


Join Pat in this episode of Writing to get Business Podcast and learn more about Avoiding the High Cost of Burial

  • Why is caring about people’s needs such a powerful inspiration for writing?
  • Why is timing everything?
  • How do you evaluate the need for a book about your area of expertise?
  • How important is your personal knowledge and experience?
  • How does the information you share in your book leverage your ability to increase your customer base?


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  • Is there an article trapped inside you that is aching to get written?
  • Are you interested in developing or expanding your ability to write for publication?
  • Are you unsure how to get started as an author?
  • Does the idea of writing seem so overwhelming that you do not know how to start?
  • Do you hesitate when you write, unclear if your punctuation or grammar is correct?
  • Are you afraid of being embarrassed by misusing words?
  • Are you concerned with avoiding traps associated with being an author or editor?

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Al Kushner is a recognized Financial Educator, Author, Speaker and Retirement Specialist. As the Founder and President of Superior Mutual Inc, Al and his team help families and individuals preserve, protect and pass on a lasting legacy. He is a warm and gifted communicator who has a passion for helping hard working seniors keep more of what they have worked a lifetime to save.

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