Has the current pace of change in the world hurt your business? How can you learn to adapt to change and not be resistant to change, not only as an individual, but as the leader of a company? No matter where you are in your life, you have experienced phenomenal change in 2020.

And this is a topic that we’re all thinking about right now, and how we manage and adjust our lives. April wrote a book about the topic well before we were even thinking about the kinds of adjustments that we’ve been making in our lives since 2020.

April Callis-Burchmeier is the author of READY, Set, Change!, a book that reflects her decades of creating strategies and programs that address and dissolve resistance to change. The number one pain point for most organizations or people going through change is resistance. And resistance is very natural, it’s to be expected. But sometimes when we go through an organizational change, it seems like it surprises everyone like, “Oh, people don’t like having to do this.”

We don’t like things to be different than what’s comfortable for us. We’re used to a certain pattern, we get into a habit, and we enjoy our habits and our patterns. And when we have to disrupt them or change them in some way, it’s really tough. How do we disrupt behaviors that are comfortable, and that people love, and that they are, sometimes, quite emotionally attached to? How do we replace those with behaviors that they say they want, and that we know are going to be helpful.

April explores the answers to these questions in her book. She’s also busy with public speaking, online teaching, and corporate work. This podcast is just what you need to initiate powerful change in your business. Check out this podcast episode of Writing to Get Business.

Learn from April how to conquer resistance to change.

  • Why is it essential to lead with benefits in promoting change?
  • How can writing a book help to clarify and further your vision of change?
  • How can telling stories defuse resistance to change?
  • How can a book evolve into an online course?
  • Can writing a book establish you as an expert in your field?



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