Successful business leaders are always looking for ways to increase not only sales, but more importantly, profits. Mark Boundy, who has a rich and varied background as a product manager, product marketing manager, and sales leader, organized what he’d learned into a coherent and practical approach to achieving this essential goal.

He presents this focused and accessible in his book, Radical Value.


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● What inspired Mark to write a book.

● How Mark chose a topic.

● The key criteria to consider in writing about a complex subject

● If you can persuasively express your principles, you will build your consulting practice.


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Business builder, Sales leader, author, coach, consultant, teacher…Chief Clarity Officer…Mark Boundy has grown businesses in a variety of industries by virtue of his relentless focus on uncovering customer value and delivering high-value results.

While at W.L. Gore & Associates, Mark began weaving a focus on customer value into Miller Heiman’s complex selling methodologies .  This combination grew one of that company’s most competition-threatened products by twenty percent/year…every year…while increasing margins and profits.

Then, at Lucent Technologies.  Mark applied his customer-value approach; pivoting the world’s first carrier-class VoIP product away from a cost-saving to a platform for delivering applications which had never existed: virtual call centers, virtual office presence — even the first product roadmap for Unified Communications platforms, and being awarded a patent for a multimedia conferencing.

Switching to Commercial Finance, he ultimately found his way to GE Capital.  Instead of simply selling money–the ultimate commodity, Mark learned each customer’s businesses, in order to deliver unique value to each, with decidedly non-commodity pricing.  Mark’s client portfolio was in the top 5% in top-line revenue, while also in the top 5% for profitability.

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