A series of tragedies led Gillian Lockitch, M.D., to engage in a searching evaluation of life. What she learned about herself and concepts of aging inspired her to write a book. In this podcast she intertwines her writing with her private journey and how to turn the wrong book into the right book

It will leave you questioning your own beliefs about the aging process and also what the numbers really mean. You may, like Gillian, conclude that they mean nothing. 

In this episode of Writing to Get Business podcast learn how to Turn the Wrong Book into the Right Book

● If a book helps only 200 people, it’s still worth writing.

● How to turn the wrong book into the right book

● The importance of your own story

● If you’re not prepared to be honest with your readers, why should they believe you?

● If you want to write—and also live successfully, keep your mind engaged.

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Your Presenter

Born in South Africa, I earned my medical degree and a doctorate from the University of Cape Town before moving to Canada with my husband and our three young children. We landed in Halifax, Nova Scotia and took three weeks to drive the Trans-Canada Highway to Vancouver, British Columbia,  where I still live. After obtaining two  specialist degrees I was a medical professor, researcher (nutrition, biochemistry and genetics) and administrator until I retired. That’s when I developed a passion for ballroom dancing and switched my curiosity and interest from science to the arts.

Now a decade later, having taken up the challenge of being an entrepreneur in the business of helping people to age healthily, maintain a youthful vibrant appearance and grow their own entrepreneurial business, my research interests have returned to the science of human physiology, biochemistry and genetics. I have achieved my personal goals of changing my weight trajectory from gaining pounds to losing weight.  My weight and dress size are at the level they were as a teenager. My energy level is high, my mood upbeat, I take no medications other than nutritional  and epigenetic supplements and botox is not on my radar! I am sharing my roadmap for personal healthy aging in my forthcoming book  “Growing Older, Living Younger: The Science of Aging Gracefully, and The Art of Retiring Comfortably.”

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