Today’s podcast will be especially helpful for those who want to know how to write a book built on stories that will introduce their business to potential customers. Per Sjofers advises companies how to price their products or services.

His approach to writing about this is as precise as his pricing solutions.

In this episode of Writing to Get Business podcast learn how All Books are Built on Stories

● Always include stories in your writing. We are hard-wired to love them.

● Don’t write like an academic. Write in a way that informs and educates.

● The importance of your own story

● Be cautious about including particular information about companies. Honor confidentiality, and don’t give away trade secrets.

● Always convey this message: If you think it’s expensive to hire an expert, consider how expensive it is to hire an amateur.

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Your Presenter

Pricing has always been an interest area for Per. As a serial entrepreneur, running companies in Europe and the US, he did pricing experiences. Some of these worked spectacularly well, some did not work at all. As a result, Per founded Atenga out of his frustration that what business schools teach about pricing is too abstract, too academic for a business executive to act on. Likewise with books about pricing. Consequently, he set out to make pricing practical and actionable. Pricing for business people. Since then, he has been at the forefront as thought leader in everything pricing and he is a sought-after speaker for a variety of conferences and business circuits.

Per appear regularly on business radio shows and gets quoted regularly in the financial press, including Forbes, Fortune Magazine, Inc., Industry Week, Business Insider and the Financial Time.

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