Do you have company material that could be repurposed as books? Ed Bryzchcy’s journey into writing and publishing began when he transformed a company training program for new leaders into a 30-day journal of readings and exercises.

Additional books have followed, with each having the potential to be further repurposed into a series of blog posts. Ed shares what he learned the hard way about the nuts and bolts of editing and publishing in a podcast that will help you take a new look at making maximum use of your training and other materials..

Learn more about Writing Books

● What it takes to turn a training manual into a book

● Why having an editor is essential

● The limits of editing programs like Grammarly

● The challenges of creating an ebook

● Why focusing on the value your book will create can inspire you to write it

Announcing: The new smart phone mobile app for enhancing your writing

Your Presenter:

Ed Brzychcy is former U.S. Army Infantry Staff-Sergeant with service across 3 combat deployments to Iraq. After his time in the military, he received his MBA from Babson College and now coaches organizational leadership and growth through his consultancy, Blue Cord Management.

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