Two types of books are very good for people who like to do research. I’m not talking here about exhaustive, years-long research, especially for the first category, which I’m generally calling the “101 Book Tips” kind of book.

You’ve seen them in the form of books about folk remedies, home repair guides, and many more. If you choose a subject that’s right both for you as a writer and for an identifiable target audience, you can have success.

The “All About” books set out a defined area and include in-depth information on that subject. You could write “All About Customer Service”.

The “All About” books require more care in structuring. A detailed outline is essential. It also requires greater writing skill and should include interesting anecdotes and little-known facts.

I’m Pat Iyer, the host of this podcast, and the author or editor of 49 books.

Here’s what I cover in this 101 Book Tips podcast:

● Why is a “101 Tips” book easy to write?

● How can you make it interesting and valuable?

● How can you focus an “All About” book?

● How can you write it in a way that generates free publicity?

● What makes an “All About” book memorable?

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Your Presenter

Hi, I’m Pat Iyer. I am a nurse, an author, a ghostwriter, an editor and book coach. Yes, I know that is a mouthful. I put this podcast together to focus on how your writing builds your authority, credibility and ability to get business. This show will feature topics on the process and style of writing, tips on writing and publishing and marketing books, copywriting, and blogging. In short, anything that helps you get business through your writing.

This weekly podcast will give you shortcuts, tips, strategies and support around your writing projects.

As of this episode, I have written or coauthored or coedited 49 books, with 1 more planned for 2020. My books created jobs, established my credibility in my field, gave me new opportunities, and built my name recognition. I love to talk about writing and I’m sold on the value of writing to bring you business and hope you are too.

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