One of the biggest ideas that stops people from writing is that it’s hard work. I’ve mentioned before in this podcast how greatly our school experiences have conditioned us into a lot of negative beliefs about writing. This is one of those beliefs.

A belief isn’t necessarily a truth. We make beliefs based on what we experienced, and you may have found writing difficult in school. Maybe the assigned subjects bored you. Maybe you got confused about outlines and footnotes.

No matter what situations gave you the belief that writing was hard work, you can change your beliefs. If you do that—and it may take a little time and a lot of determination—you may find that writing gets easier. Practice makes everything easier, including writing. Sit down as often as you can and write. Don’t judge what you write. Praise yourself for your persistence and for your ability to make one word follow another. You’re doing it. You’re writing.

Don’t give a thought to how good it is until you’ve established the practice of writing. It does make perfect.

● Is writing really hard work?

● How you can stop believing that

● You’re not in school any more.

● What makes writing easier?

● How to feel good about your writing

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Hi, I’m Pat Iyer. I am a nurse, an author, a ghostwriter, an editor and book coach. Yes, I know that is a mouthful. I put this podcast together to focus on how your writing builds your authority, credibility and ability to get business. This show will feature topics on the process and style of writing, tips on writing and publishing and marketing books, copywriting, and blogging. In short, anything that helps you get business through your writing.

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