If you’d love to write a book but feel you don’t have the time, this podcast will introduce you to some proven techniques for finding the time you don’t think you have.

I’ll show you how to track your time, and I guarantee that you’ll find enough to write a book. You can use that time to best advantage by writing in timed segments. This will help train you to turn on your internal writing app when it’s time to produce.

What if you want a book but don’t want to physically write it? I’ll describe three ways you can do this. One is outsourcing, which means hiring someone else to do the actual writing. Another is repurposing. I’ve turned podcasts, blog posts, and other written materials into books. You can, too. If it’s the actual act of writing that stops you, you can dictate. Imagine turning driving time into writing time.

How To Begin Your First Draft

You can complete a book, and the techniques I share with you in this podcast will bring you that much closer to achieving your goal.

● Do you think you don’t have enough time to write a book?

● Learn how to track your time.

● How tracking your time makes a big difference

● Learn the value of writing in timed segments.

● Learn how you can write a book without writing

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Your Presenter

Hi, I’m Pat Iyer. I am a nurse, an author, a ghostwriter, an editor and book coach. Yes, I know that is a mouthful. I put this podcast together to focus on how your writing builds your authority, credibility and ability to get business. This show will feature topics on the process and style of writing, tips on writing and publishing and marketing books, copywriting, and blogging. In short, anything that helps you get business through your writing.

This weekly podcast will give you shortcuts, tips, strategies and support around your writing projects.

As of this episode, I have written or coauthored or coedited 48 books, with 2 more planned for 2020. My books created jobs, established my credibility in my field, gave me new opportunities, and built my name recognition. I love to talk about writing and I’m sold on the value of writing to bring you business and hope you are too.