If you are a beginning blogger, you may mainly be concerned with getting posts written. As you gain confidence, learn to think of blogging as a vehicle for relationship marketing. They go together.

Blogging shows your expertise – you’re connecting with your readers and sharing your knowledge. You are a resource for them or at least provide them with good information on your web site that can help them.

A blog doesn’t focus on selling. It’s geared to educating, communicating, giving readers a resource that’s going to help them do things faster, better, cheaper, or whatever is the focus of your business. It’s an investment in a relationship with your target audience.

Your buyers are inundated with marketing messages. Think about it from the online marketing perspective. They are being bombarded with calls saying, “I can help you get #1 on Google”, “I can help you with your SEO.” Lots of unwanted emails fill their inboxes.

Blogging and Relationship Marketing go Hand in Hand

Use your blog to educate your potential clients (in my case, it was attorneys), train them and teach them something new. By doing that you start to build that “Know, Like and Trust” factor. It’s about them.

People listen to two different radio stations, especially on the Internet and face-to-face.

This is what I mean: Some people like to broadcast on the radio station WIIAM. What WIIAM stands for is “What Is Interesting About Me”. When people are searching out content on the Internet or they are on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or reading blogs people are listening to WIIFM “What’s In It For Me”.

As we know in radio, AM is kind of a lower frequency and doesn’t have the quality. FM is better for music and sounds better. People are much more interested in “How Can You Help Me?” as opposed to “Who You Are” and “What You Do.”

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is constantly trying to sell and promote themselves. If, instead, they find a way to really give great information on a blog that helps readers, they are going to see the results of relationship marketing.

Many small business owners have the misperception that it’s effective to say, “Let me tell you all about the services that I offer.” Blogging and relationship marketing supply information to the prospect that will entice that person to be able to engage your services and find out more. This is one of the primary purposes of a blog. This is one of the primary purposes of a blog. This is one of the primary purposes of a blog.

A lot of people treat networking as if they walked into a bar and saw somebody who looks pretty or handsome. They shake that person’s hand and say, “Hey, you want to get married?”

A real relationship takes dating and time. It takes caring and giving equal benefits to both sides. Building a relationship is all about asking “What’s In It for Them?” that I can provide in a unique way.

  • “How can I be a resource?”
  • “How can I be a support mechanism?”
  • “How can I give them something that everybody else in the marketplace is not doing other than trying to come in, get work and take their money?”

Blogging and relationship marketing are perfect together.
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Pat Iyer - Editor, author, ghostwriter, book coachPat Iyer is an editor, author, book coach and ghostwriter who helps individuals create books that encourages their expertise to shine and advances their businesses. She has written or edited 48 of her own books.

Pat began blogging in 2009. Since then, she has written over a thousand blog posts for entrepreneurs, attorneys, legal nurse consultants and patients.