You spend a lot of time thinking of topics, finding images, and writing your blog. Unless you are writing a blog about your hobby per personal life, or simply love to write, you might wonder if you can earn money from all that effort.

Does it make sense to use AdSense on your blog? Is it a viable way to generate income from your blog otherwise?

AdSense? A Tool to Create a Blog that Generates Income?

Here’s how AdSense works. It is a free-to-join program run by Google.

If you believe the claims, AdSense is an income generator for blogs and sites. You may choose to run ads and ask Google to place them on websites. If you are selling high ticket physical products, AdSense may make sense.

Or you may wish to accept ads on your own site. In this blog, I am focusing on receiving ads to run on your blog. They have the potential to create a blog to generate income. But there is a big BUT, which I explain below.

Website publishers agree to have ads on their sites. The ads can be text, images, video or interactive media advertisements targeted to the content of that site.

There are different locations for ads, such as on the sidebar, in feed, and within your blog itself.

When you accept ads, Google places these ads based on your content and their own complicated calculations. You get the code, place it on your site, and the ad runs.

As the blog owner, you make a small amount of money every time someone sees the ad and also when they click on it. How much is a small amount? WalletSquirrel made $500 over a 5 year period on a site with  325,000 visitors.

Let that sink in. That 1/10 of one cent for every visitor.

For a first-time ad campaign, Google AdSense is a way to get started and earn your first income. However, you may wait a long time for that payment. Google holds onto your earnings until you’ve reached $100 before they pay out.

check book to show how you can create a blog that generates income

AdSense is easy to implement into WordPress with a plugin and runs itself; and depending on your niche you can earn income.

However, using AdSense in the make money online niche is a waste to time. It will not earn as much as affiliate ads targeted to your readers.

I believe also that ads on your blog annoy some blog readers and makes you look like you are grasping for pennies.

To create a blog that generates income, concentrate on making connections with your readers. Focus on their problems, questions, and needs. When you connect with your readers and they see you as someone they can trust, they are much more likely to buy what you are selling.

Pat Iyer is an editor, blogger, author and more. You have not seen AdSense ads on her blog and never will.