image of wordpress blogYour blog serves different purposes. You want to provide interesting content while highlighting your business and expertise. A compelling blog attracts readers to you and your business.

Here are three methods for doing this.

Quotations and Photos

Combining a beautiful photo with a relevant quote attracts attention when you post your blog on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

You could quote a generally well-known person, i.e., Martin Luther King, Gandhi, etc. You could quote yourself (if you’re quotable). You could also quote a thought leader in your field, maybe one you’d like to have an association with.

This method is designed to capture attention and share something that’s meaningful for you. You can collect several quotes around a particular topic and then also give your take on it.

When you quote a person in a blog post, tag that person when you put the blog post on Facebook. This post will appear on their Facebook feed, or if you’re doing this through LinkedIn, the same concept applies.

Your compelling blog encourages the person to share your blog post because it includes them. Keep providing opportunities for other people to find out about your company and go back to your web site, read your blog, hopefully read other blogs, as well as read about your services.

A compelling business blog attracts clients

Create a Compelling Bog when you Interview Someone in Your Field or a Related One

One day when I was thinking about what I wanted to blog about, I decided, “I’ll go out and ask some of my attorney clients why they hire expert witnesses,” which is what my business was about. When my clients say their quotes and names in the blog, they loved it and shared my blog with other attorneys. I got more cases because my clients were talking about why they used my company rather than me talking about how great my company was.

Post An Article Someone Else Wrote

You need to get permission to do this. However, you will generally get it without question. People know that it helps their visibility and success when a whole new group of people read what they write.

They will appreciate and remember you. Most likely, they will take a careful look at your blog posts. And, though it may not happen immediately, there’s a good chance that they’ll come to you and ask to reprint something that you wrote.

Use these methods to help create compelling blogs more and to attract clients’ business.

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Pat Iyer - Editor, author, ghostwriter, book coachPat Iyer is an editor, author, book coach and ghostwriter who helps individuals create books that encourages their expertise to shine and advances their businesses. She has written or edited 48 of her own books.

Pat began blogging in 2009. Since then, she has written over a thousand blog posts for entrepreneurs, attorneys, legal nurse consultants and patients.