man sitting at computerWhen you are sitting in front of a computer trying to write publications, you may wonder, “Is this really worth it?” Keep in mind these benefits when you question whether you should attempt to get something published. In this post, publications means articles and books.

1. Publications add value to your career. They may influence a hiring or promotion decision.

2. Well written publications establish your credibility. You may become known as an expert in your field. Someone may say about you: “She is an expert on the subject. She wrote the book on that subject.” Some individuals spend their whole professional career writing articles and capitalizing on publications.

If the publications you are writing are relevant to showing your expertise, they get your name known. Your publications enable people to find you, particularly, if the biographical information says enough about how to locate you.

This enables people to be able to reach you to ask you to speak or be involved in a project of some kind. If you are visible in other ways, an internet search will lead people to you.

writing a check3. Depending on the publication, you may receive some compensation for an article. Professional journals may pay you a fee for writing. Books published by a traditional publisher result in royalties, usually 10-15% of the net price. Self-published books will give you a proportionately higher amount of the net price.

I laughingly tell people I’ve made about 35 cents an hour in royalties if I consider the amount of time I have spent writing, but I have made millions because of the doors my publications opened for me.

4. Authors may generate income in addition to royalties by buying and selling their own books. The publisher may provide a 50% discount off the net cost of the book. You may be able to presell books for a speaking event or set up a table for back of the room sales.

5. An interesting article may lead to a request for you to do a column. An interesting column may be syndicated or picked up by other publications. An interesting book or article may result in requests for more books, speaking opportunities, consulting jobs, business, fame, interviews by the press, podcasts, radio shows, television shows, and more.

6. The writing skills that you develop are translatable to writing in different forms such as e-books or online courses and developing other products that can be sold to increase revenue. As long as you are comfortable with words and with the process of putting the words down on the paper, then you can translate those words into various formats.

7. You can say, “I did it. I am a published author.” There is an enormous sense of satisfaction in completing a publication. And the best feeling is opening a box of your books and smelling them. Seriously.

My publications changed my life in ways I could not foresee as an expert witness, consultant, speaker, employer, and coach.

Pat Iyer is a developmental editor who works with authors to help them create their books. Ask for a free consult with her using the contact form on