people raising their hands to say they are interested in writing a bookYou’re sitting in a conference room watching the speaker ask, “Raise your hand if you’d like to get started with writing a book.” When I asked that question, nearly every hand went up.

Wanting to write a book and actually writing a book are two different things. One involves a desire and the other involves action. Lots of action.

Writing a book might seem like a Herculean task but it can provide impressive results for the growth of your business. These are just five ways you can grow your business by writing a book.

1. Profits from Book Sales

Financial gains from book sales involve money you can then reinvest into your business fueling growth. It is sweet to get royalty payments from publishers, or see deposits in your bank account from Amazon, or stand at a table processing order forms as fast as you can.

The money you get directly from book sales, though, is not the big money. It comes from the opportunities.

2. Gain New Clients, Followers, and Subscribers

There is a certain amount of prestige that goes along with writing a book. Even if you self-publish your book, you will gain a great deal of respect within the coaching and business community simply for having a book available in the marketplace.

This respect leads to new social media followers, email subscribers, and paying clients who need the invaluable service you provide. It all started with a blank page you filled with possibilities for yourself and your future clients.

In my experience, I earned about 35 cents an hour in royalties for the time I spent writing books. But I have made millions of dollars as a result of the clients I gained from writing my books.

3. Expand Your Expertise

The fact that you’ve written a book on a subject makes you an expert in the field as far as most people are concerned. My first book made me a desirable medical surgical nursing expert witness. Yes, there are other nursing experts, but few have written a book. I had an edge that sustained me through several books and 25 years of testimony.

Writing a book involves reading a lot of sources, which makes you knowledgeableThe value of writing a book goes deeper than that. In the process of researching and writing your book, you become an expert in your field. You’ve put in the time doing research, expanding your knowledge, and breaking it down into digestible information you share with your readers. That will draw more people to you as a consultant, speaker, or coach and to your book as avid readers look to improve their lives or businesses.


4. Increased Opportunities for Exposure

Exposure comes in many forms. When you write a book, you get even more exposure on multiple fronts. In addition to a wide range of accolades from the book itself, you have the opportunity to tell your story to an even wider audience through:

  • Book launch parties
  • Interviews
  • Speaking engagements
  • Book signings
  • Library visits
  • Podcasts

These are just the beginning. Once you’ve settled into life after the first book, you might even want to consider increasing your exposure by working on a follow-up book, granting interviews, or booking speaking engagements.

5. Expands Your Reach Allowing You to Help More People Quickly

One on one coaching, training, or consulting is a time consuming process that only allows you to work with so many people in a day. A book is something that allows you to help more people with your limited time.

Writing a book won’t solve all the challenges the average entrepreneur faces. It can be instrumental, though, in helping you to expand your ability to help others while also growing your own customer base and bottom line at the same time.

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