A Missing Comma Could Cost You


When people go on job interviews, they usually wear outfits that conveys professionalism. They answer questions in a way that highlights their competence. Too many people, though, don’t take the same care in preparing their résumés.

Pat Iyer, author of Why Become a Better Writer Today? How Writing Skills Help You Thrive,  owns a successful business that hires expert witnesses who wrote reports for lawyers. She knows that attorneys who see language errors are concerned that carelessness with language could reflect equal carelessness with the facts—and a legal case may hinge on the facts.

Any job applicants’ résumés she receives that have grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors ended up in the trash—regardless of the applicants’ alleged skills.

Many employers share Pat’s knowledge that language skills, whether expressed in web site text, newsletters, blogs, reports, or advertising copy, represent their companies. Business is all about communication, and language skills are the building blocks of effective communication.

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“But I can’t write,” you may say.

Pat, as a writer and editor who has worked with many clients, knows that anyone can improve their writing. In Why Become a Better Writer Today? How Writing Skills Help You Thrive, she describes what it takes to become a competent writer.

  • Passion for your subject,

  • The ability and willingness to do research,

  • The commitment to get the writing done,

  • The willingness to learn grammatical skills,

  • Patience with yourself and the process of writing.

This book guides you through some key areas where you can improve your skills. It takes up issues of positive mindset, the importance of reading extensively, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. 

Most of all, it will demonstrate, through many examples, how accurate writing can make a huge difference in your professional life.

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