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Lock in the tips and insights from this masterclass with the Learning Resource for Build Your Writing Skills: How to Succeed in Business.

Do you ever ask yourself,

“What did the speaker say about that point?”

“I’d love to be able to skim the transcript to get a key bit of information. How can I do that?

“Should I have my camera next to me when I watch a masterclass? The slides went fast. I’d love to see them again.”

We’ve got the solution for you.

What does Build Your Writing Skills: How to Succeed in Business Learning Resource contain?

  1. The verbatim transcript so you can locate information in a minute
  2. The slides so you can refer to key points
  3. Supplemental articles to deepen your knowledge

 You’ll receive this digital guide in about 14 days after the training, to allow time for transcription, proofreading, and uploading.

“Pat’s writing skills enhanced my book immensely. She took what would have been words delivering a good message to words imparting greater insight and wisdom. ”

– Greg Williams, Author of Body Language Secrets To Win More Negotiations