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You have an idea for a book you want to write.

You’re partway through writing a book and ready to think about the next step.

Or your book is done and you want to move it onto a publisher.

You know there are choices for how you get that book published. These are the terms that are swirling around in your head: indie publisher, vanity press, self publishing, traditional publishing, independent publishing, and hybrid publishing.

What does this all mean? And what are the costs of each type of publishing?

What is right for you?

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I’m Pat Iyer. I want to see you make the right decision for you. I’ve written or been the chief editor or coeditor of 49 of my own books. I’ve worked with traditional publishers and independent publishing.

Do you think it would be helpful to know the pros and cons of each method of publishing before you leap? Or spend thousands of dollars?

What are My Publishing Options is a 3 part video series that pulls away the mystery of your choices.

Each video explores one of the 3 major choices facing you, gives you an idea of the pros and cons and costs. When you watch these videos you’ll be able to spot the choice that is best for you.

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