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I’m so pleased you are joining me on the website. In 1979, when I was in graduate school, I met a woman who changed my life. Her husband beat her so badly that she became paralyzed. Curious about why she stayed with this man, I wrote an article about battered wives, and that launched my writing career.

I coauthored my first book in 1986, and since then, I’ve written or edited 49 of my own books. This is a pile of my books. I tried to stack them into one pile and it tipped over. Being a writer can be lonely. You can easily lose perspective or feel like you are wading through mud.

If I can help you in any way, let’s talk. As an editor, book coach and ghostwriter, I can help you

• Pinpoint the topic of your book

• Guide you step by step through the process of writing a book

• Become an author without having to write a book

• Capitalize on books you’ve written

Let me clear: I help authors write nonfiction books. If you want to write a great novel, I’m not your person. If you want to write a book that will open doors for new opportunities, I can help. Go to the link below to apply for a call with me. I look forward to talking with you. Get more great writing tips on

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In How to Get Published Al S. Brown and I share our triumphs and hard learned lessons in this book. You will learn practical content that will guide you through the process of putting together publications. Al and I have written hundreds of articles, blog posts, case studies, online courses, chapters, and books.

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