Once upon a time . . .

How many times have you plowed through a dull text full of charts and statistics, wishing for a story to relieve your boredom? 

People have always loved stories, but too many business leaders and entrepreneurs fail to take advantage of this guaranteed way to win clients’ and customers’ hearts and minds.

Do you want to drive home a point? Make your content easy to understand? Provide a model of new behavior? Make a sale? Tell a story.

You don’t need to write or tell a literary classic. Your story needs a personal focus and the ability to evoke an emotional response that leads to identification with the writer. It can be simple.

If you are a business leader or entrepreneur, you need to know that it takes more than facts to win the client or customer. You need an emotional connection, and nothing builds that better than a story.

Pat Iyer, editor, ghostwriter, coach, and author of more than 59 books, brings her experience and those of other experts to Powerful Storytelling in Business: How to Captivate Your Clients.

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In this book, you’ll discover how to:

  • Collect useful stories from your family history, your life, sources like Reader’s Digest, People magazine, and newspaper and online sources.
  • Use several methods for telling stories with examples,
  • Use your experiences to focus on your audience,
  • Make your stories more powerful by using only words that appeal to the senses and emotions

As you become comfortable with telling and writing stories, you will experience results in your business, and realize how stories can change lives.

As an expert witness, Pat Iyer has to convey to juries the pain and suffering a victim of medical malpractice experienced. She integrated the storytelling skills she developed into her career as an editor, ghostwriter, writing coach.

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