About Pat Iyer

Pat focuses on reducing healthcare liability and improving patient safety.

Pat developed a highly successful legal nurse consulting practice which exposed her to the reasons healthcare professionals working in a wide variety of settings were sued. After 20 years of testifying in court as an expert witness, she knows what it is like to defend healthcare professionals based on their documentation. Pat has a deep understanding of liability issues, which she has shared in her work as an author or editor of more than 650 chapters, books, online courses, case studies or articles. She is a past president of the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants.

Pat is one of a handful of legal nurse consultants who have the rare combination of expertise and experience at the highest level. She incorporates case studies, exercises, interactive experiences and critical content into her presentations.

Obtain Pat’s help to:

  • Convince your staff of the importance of documentation
  • Encourage your employees to proactively identify risks in health care
  • Understand the signals that warrant immediate notification of managers
  • Implement crucial strategies to improve patient safety