Visual Evidence: Helping Your Attorney Client Succeed

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Program Description

Clear exhibits can make or break a case. LNCs can take advantage of the opportunities to convince attorney clients to develop exhibits for any stage of a case. You’ll learn how to work with attorneys to clearly define key concepts and create effective and efficient exhibits. You’ll gain an overview of the technology now available for producing persuasive exhibits. You’ll gain an understanding of the types and uses of a variety of presentation formats, from flip charts to computer generated demonstrations. Legal nurse consultant Karen Haviland will help you learn how to market this service to expand your role and assist your clients serve their clients.

You will learn:

  • Why LNCs offer a competitive advantage over non-medical consultants
  • How the LNC can save the attorney time and money and improve the effectiveness of the exhibits
  • How to find the experts essential for assisting with exhibit production
  • How to market the benefits of using an LNC to prepare exhibits


Karen M. Haviland, RN, BSN, CLNC is founder and owner of Case Solid Legal Nurse Consulting Services in Maryland. Her background includes over 20 years in Emergency Department, Critical Care, Cardiology and Administration. She started her full time CLNC practice in 2001 after resigning her full time position as Director of Emergency Services. She now consults full-time for some of the largest medical malpractice and personal injury firms in the Baltimore-Washington area. Karen’s strongest expertise is in the area of discovery. In one of her first cases, her assistance in the discovery phase helped her attorney-client win a $5.6 million verdict.

After Karen’s first plaintiff trial exhibit in Baltimore City Maryland landed a victory, the exhibit impressed the other side so much that her next exhibit was for the defense. Trial exhibits are now a large part of her practice and she has expanded into a firm outside of her home and hired three employees. Her company handles medical malpractice, personal injury and disability cases.

Moderator: Patricia Iyer is President of Med League Support Services, Inc, established in 1989.

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From Patricia Iyer MSN RN LNCC, Stephen Appelbaum, CEP EPIC, and John M. Parisi Esq, “Trial Exhibits: Legal and Strategic Considerations”, in Patricia Iyer (Editor), Medical Legal Aspects of Pain and Suffering.

The plaintiff attorney’s purpose in using exhibits to present damages is to persuade the jury that the event or circumstances that gave rise to the injury had a demonstrable impact on the plaintiff. The defense attorney’s purpose is to use exhibits to negate, minimize, or shift attention away from the claims of pain and suffering. Demonstrative exhibits work because they:

  • Clearly and concisely educate the viewer (minimizing language, educational, or age barriers)
  • Give the presenter control of presenting specific information,
  • Emphasize the damages
  • Emphasize or de-emphasize an emotional response
  • Create a long-lasting visual memory, whether positive or negative.

Emotional appeal to the jurors is not enough if the attorney does not have evidence to satisfy the jurors. Jurors are impressed with hard data in the evidence. Demonstrative evidence organizes medical bills, photographs, x-rays and other data that jurors can see and touch. This is among the most persuasive evidence they will receive. Jurors use the hard data to support the unconscious, emotional decision about how they desire the case to turn out.

Read more about Medical Legal Aspects of Pain and Suffering.

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