The Acute Abdomen

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Program Description

The “golden hour” right after trauma is the time to achieve the maximum benefit for the trauma patient. Learn from Peter Fielding, MD, an experienced surgeon and expert witness about the importance of a patient history and physical exam as the basis for prompt surgical referral decisions. Learn what will increase the quality of patient care, reduce complications, improve results and greatly diminish the opportunity for medical malpractice litigation. Identify the standard of care for making surgical decisions in the presence of abdominal injuries.

Evaluation and Post-Test for CEUs (pdf)


Peter Fielding MD, FRCS, FACS is a board certified general and colorectal surgeon who also specializes in wound care. He is a professor of clinical surgery at University of Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine. Dr. Fielding has a lengthy list of articles in peer reviewed journals. He is an expert witness for surgical cases.

Peter answered these questions:

  • What does the subtitle in “Acute abdomen, when the emergency department physician and the surgeon come to blows” mean?
  • What are the symptoms common to bowel obstruction, bowel perforation and bowel ischemia?
  • Why is time of the essence when abdominal catastrophes are developing?
  • Why is it challenging for the surgeon to work with emergency department physicians?
  • What happens inside the abdomen which ultimately can end up resulting in the patient dying?
  • What happens when there is a bowel perforation?
  • Why is a trauma specialist more attuned to signs of bowel perforation?
  • What is the significance of free air in the abdomen?
  • What does this phrase mean, “People die of sepsis; they do not die of anesthesia”?
  • Are there any gold standard diagnostic tests that are very helpful in coming up with diagnoses related to abdominal catastrophes?
  • What are the issues that might lead on to a more timely surgical consultation?
  • Is there a diagnostic protocol for detecting abdominal complications?
  • Is it appropriate to give pain relieving medications to somebody coming in with abdominal pain?
  • What are a few examples of medical legal cases involving abdominal catastrophes?
  • What is the role of the emergency department nurse in the diagnosis of abdominal injuries?
  • What kind of cases would a plaintiff attorney reject right away when there was some type of an acute abdominal problem?

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