Rapidly Building a Legal Nurse Consulting Practice: Secrets of Success

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Program Description

Jump start your independent legal nurse consulting practice with a host of ideas on marketing. Legal nurse consultant Karen Apy BSN RN CLNCP LNCC shares the secrets of gaining new clients. She will invigorate you to try a new approach with her practical suggestions.

Evaluation and Post-Test for CEUs (pdf)


Karen Apy BSN RN CNLCP LNCC is formerly the president of LNC Perspectives, a New Jersey–based independent legal nurse consulting practice. She testifies as a life care planner and is the past president of the American Association of Nurse Life Care Planners. She built her business from zero to a full time practice in 18 months. Karen was a pharmaceutical sales representative before she entered nursing.

Karen answered these questions:

  • What was the first step you took in determining how to launch your legal nurse consulting into a full time business?
  • What part of your background/knowledge was most beneficial in developing your client base so fast?
  • How did you identify your potential referral sources?
  • What specific types of marketing did you implement to obtain your first case?
  • What marketing systems do you feel were necessary to have in place in order to grow your business?
  • Can you further explain those systems (referral development, intake, account management, planning, tracking, public relations and advertising)?
  • Is it necessary to have all those marketing systems in place in order to be successful?
  • What type of marketing did you implement that you did not find gave you a good return on your investment and why?
  • If you could launch your legal nurse consulting business again today, what would you do different and why?

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Extracted from Patricia Iyer (Editor), Business Principles for Legal Nurse Consultants:

What is marketing and, specifically, how does marketing apply to the legal nurse consultant (LNC) with a start-up or existing business? Marketing is everything the potential, new or existing customer reads, sees, hears or learns about the LNC, as well as every direct contact the customer has with the LNC.
The ability of the LNC to understand and carry out the following marketing fundamentals can make a significant contribution toward making sure that marketing efforts produce the desired results:

  • Marketing focuses on attracting customers.
  • Marketing proposes solutions to customer problems.
  • Marketing is directed towards potential, new, and existing customers.

Marketing is necessary for generating new business as well as a consistent influx of business. This means marketing must attract potential customers in order to acquire new business, follow-up must occur to keep customers, and the LNC must market to existing customers to get recurrent business.

Read more about Business Principles of Legal Nurse Consulting.

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