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Program Description

Are you an effective negotiator? Are you pleased with the outcome when you walk away from a negotiating session with an attorney? Greg is the master negotiator, and brings years of expertise and helpful hints to help you gain more of what you need and want.

Evaluation and Post-Test for CEUs (pdf)


Greg Williams is an internationally known and sought after speaker. He’s known as the Master Negotiator. Greg has an extensive background in public speaking on the subject of negotiation and is a recognized expert in the field. He has taught thousands of people, in corporations, seminars and through his coaching program, on how to become more savvy negotiators.

Greg not only speaks on the subject of negotiation, but throughout his career, he has assisted his clients personally in negotiating many multi-million dollar deals. Greg has appeared on numerous TV programs and radio shows throughout the United States.

Greg answered these questions:

  • Before entering into any negotiation session, what should you do?
  • How important is it to develop a plan, prior to entering into a negotiation?
  • What are some of the components that go into developing a plan before entering into a negotiation session?
  • Are there times you should postpone negotiation?
  • What’s the number one way to make sure you get more out of every negotiation session you’re in?
  • How should you take into account a person’s makeup/character when negotiating?
  • What traits/mannerisms should you look for in a person when negotiating?
  • What are the specifics of nonverbal body language for negotiation over the phone?
  • How do you read body language when negotiating?
  • What happens to your negotiation plans if you misinterpret someone’s body language?
  • How can you determine when you’ve received the best deal you can get when negotiating?
  • What are the risks in personalizing the interaction?
  • What is the problem with stating “Take it or leave it?”
  • We’ve all had the experience of someone who interrupts or talks over us when we’re trying to make our points. Do you have any tips for dealing with that behavior?
  • What is the effect on negotiations if you think there must be a winner and a loser?
  • What should you do to make sure a deal stays together, after everyone has agreed on the covenants of the negotiation?
  • What pressures can you bring to bear on a situation when someone tries to back out of a negotiated agreement?

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How to Negotiate and Win … Against Stronger Opponents
by Greg Williams

What happens when you don’t have negotiation experience and there is a big opportunity to get a large contract, turn something into a successful deal, or take advantage of a situation that could prove to be very positive? What happens when these opportunities are complicated because the individual or source possesses greater negotiation skills than you? You may think to yourself, “I don’t know a lot about negotiation strategies, tactics, or how to read and interpret body language. What should I do?” You can get help from people you know to be valid, full of negotiation ideas and have led others to countless successful outcomes when negotiating. This lesson offers some tips for success.

There are so many thoughts, and questions that occur when people negotiate. Be prepared to answer questions, such as …

  • What did that wink of the eye, or other body language gesture/action mean?
  • Why is she getting upset with me? Is that a tactic?
  • How can I make him understand that I’m on his side? We’re both on the same team, but I really need what I’m asking for?
  • What do I have to give in order to get what I want?
  • I’m not playing games with them; I wonder why they think I am?

When you negotiate with strong opponents, the person astute at using the appropriate tactics to combat certain strategies will possess a stark advantage.

Try these suggestions if you find yourself in situations where you’re negotiating with strong opponents and they insist on the negotiation continuing …

  1. If possible, postpone the negotiation for as long as it takes to get additional resources on your side, and find a way to neutralize the other side’s advantages. This can be an hour, a day, a month, or whatever you can get away with. If you’re in such a situation, use any excuse to get out of the environment, ASAP. The longer you stay in the environment the more likely that something negative will occur.

    Note: Once I was in a negotiation situation in which our opponents were using their cell phones to receive additional information via text messages during the negotiation. Once I observed this, I requested a break. I suggested to my client, on whose behalf I was negotiating, that we ask to have all cell phones left outside of the negotiation room. The other side initially balked at the request, but after we made it a stern demand, they acquiesced. In essence, we took a source of information, which was an advantage for them, from them, which placed us in a better negotiating position.

  2. If you realize you’re up against a stronger opponent and she expresses an interest in reaching an equitable outcome, acknowledge her skills. Play to her sense of fairness. By acknowledging her superiority and stating that you are sure she wants an outcome that is fair to both sides, you can both achieve an outcome that will be equitable. If this fails, appeal to her sense of mercy. If you can’t postpone the negotiation and you can’t ask for mercy and you have to go through with the negotiation, take your lumps and consider it a life lesson learned. Just make sure you don’t have to repeat the lesson in the future.

With a recession most likely on the horizon in the United States, one that will impact the world, the time to enhance your negotiation skills is now.

Always remember; when we intend to do things, who we are, and what we want, is in our mind. Until we take that intention from our mind and commit it to action, it lies dormant.

If your negotiation skills have not been vetted, prepare for a future opportunity by positioning yourself with knowledge. As the cliché goes, in times of peace, prepare for war … and everything will be right with the world.

The negotiation lessons are …

  • Don’t be like the man that stepped off a 40- story building. As he passed the 10th floor, he said, “Everything is okay so far.“ Get the assistance you need before you encounter a situation that could be worse. Don’t put off enhancing your negotiation skills.
  • Keep in mind you need valid answers and input when negotiating. Don’t allow ineptness at deciphering the correct non-verbal signal or tactic to impede your success. Seek knowledge on how nonverbal language affects negotiating success. Don’t be blind to the value of being able to read body language and acquiring stronger negotiation skills. If you increase your skills, there will be times when you will see windows of opportunities that are hidden from your opponent.
  • Recognize there are several tactics you can use when negotiating against a stronger opponent, such as postponing the bargaining, complimenting the other person on her skill, stressing the need for an equitable outcome, and asking for mercy.

{c} MMVII Greg Williams (The Master Negotiator), All rights reserved.

by Greg Williams – The Master Negotiator. If you’d like more information on how you can become a savvier negotiator, click here to checkout Greg’s new book, “Negotiate: Afraid, ‘Know’ More.”

Please visit Greg’s website at for additional information and negotiation resources for individuals and businesses.

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