Marketing for Legal Nurse Consultants

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Persuasion webinar for legal nurse consultantsMarketing Your Services: How to get Clients to Request You Again and Again and Again
You wonder how to persuade attorneys to use your services rather than someone else’s? You wonder how to be more persuasive in presenting your opinions about a case? This program is for legal nurse consultants and expert witnesses who want to improve their skills.

sd176How to Get All the Clients You Need: a Course for Legal Nurse Consultants
You have invested time and money into learning how to become a legal nurse consultant. You’ve told your friends and family that this new business is going to work. And now you have found out it is harder to get started and to grow the business than you expected. You realize as you slowly gain new clients that there must be strategies you can use to get in even more business.
How to Market Yourself and Your Company on a Shoestring Budget Webinar
Do you think marketing is expensive? It does not have to be. In this 1 hour course you will learn how to use easy to implement techniques of promotion that will get you and your company noticed. These two dozen techniques are free or low cost and effective. You will learn how to make an impact and build your business. Start off the year by taking a fresh look at your marketing plan. You’ll be stimulated to try new methods that get results.
Time-Tested Tips for Tradeshow Exhibiting
Meeting prospects at a trade show can be one of the most effective ways to find new clients and renew relationships with current clients. The details of effective exhibiting can be daunting. There are many nuances that affect success. Lack of knowledge of some of the basics of exhibiting can hold legal nurse consultants back from venturing into this new area of marketing.

Promote and Expand Your Business with Twitter
Are you missing out on the professional benefits of Twitter exposure? Are you taking advantage of this media to expand your personal and career goals? Are you benefiting from this exciting, live and interactive form of social technology? Nurses and attorneys who have not actively participated on Twitter may enjoy finding out some of the ways they can succeed in promoting a positive professional image.
Accelerate! Powerful Presentation Strategies to Achieve Results
Most LNCs are not experienced speakers. While you have excellent technical skills and medical expertise, you may not know how to best communicate with your target audience (attorneys). You’ll learn how to most effectively present your message. You are asked to make a presentation at a law firm or conference for attorneys or paralegals.
Using the Power of LinkedIn to Connect with Clients
LNCs usually have a limited marketing budget. Many are inexperienced in reaching out to potential clients and do not know how to showcase their special skills. Without effective networking, they risk being left behind as their competition moves forward. They may fail to establish a presence in the marketplace.
Facebook Fan Page Strategy: In 3 Easy Steps
Are you harnessing the power of Facebook for business visibility and growth? Do you know how to find your prospects, deliver your message, and use your social media time most effectively? This program will open your eyes to the business uses of Facebook Fan pages. Facebook is more than sharing pictures; it is a growing space for business connections and advertising.
WordPress! It’s About Time – You Can Build a Custom Website Easily
No business owner can afford to not have a website. If you are serious about reaching your target market, you need a professional appearing and easy to maintain website. WordPress is an easy to use, customizable website platform that is rapidly becoming the top choice of business owners.
Ben Glass, Patricia Iyer, Benjamin Glass
Marketing Secrets Revealed
Enhance your learning by listening in as Ben Glass, Plaintiff Attorney interviews Pat Iyer, Legal Nurse Consultant for his mastermind/coaching group. Pat shares how she grew her legal nurse consulting business from one client to over a thousand. She discusses advanced marketing techniques she is using and tells you how and where you can use the same skills.
Ben Glass, Patricia Iyer, Benjamin Glass
Marketing for Legal Nurse Consultants
Ben Glass will teach you the secrets of how to create raving clients who stay loyal to you, give you repeat business and spread the word about your services. If you do not master this content, you will continue to struggle to get business, lower your fees because you can’t think of a better marketing message, and continue to rely on random chance marketing.
Discover, Define, and Deliver a Brand That Shines Webinar
Stop living in the shadows of your competition, make more money now, and attract more of your ideal clients. Branding is the true foundations of any business and if you don’t have a clear brand, then your marketing efforts and sales efforts are not as efficient. Jena Rodriguez is Your Brand Advocate and Co-Founder with husband, Alex Rodriguez, of AROD Web Design.
The Path to Cash! Will your message get you in the door?
Generating new sales from new clients is essential part of growing a business and staying in business. Attorneys are busy and often difficult to reach, protected by gatekeepers. Many legal nurse consultants are not familiar with sales techniques that work. Mailings are expensive, time consuming and often do not produce results. Our presenter is Caryn Kopp, MBA, who has been dubbed the Chief Door Opener®. She is an MBA graduate with more than 20 years of experience in sales and marketing.
Cash Copy: How to Supercharge Your Marketing Materials
Do you know how to use principles of powerful writing to reach your potential clients? Are you allowing your competitors to take away your business because they can communicate better? Do you know why facts tell, but emotions sell? Are you selling services when you should be selling benefits? Legal nurse consultant Patricia Iyer has built a business from one to over a thousand clients. Learn her copywriting secrets.
Relationship Marketing: How to Build a Strong Business
This session will teach you quick, easy, and affordable ways to use relationship marketing to reach your audience. You will learn skills to build close and loyal client relationships and overcome beliefs that hold you back, such as “it is not about money”. You will learn how to turn prospects into clients. Past President of National Nurses in Business Association Pat Bemis RN will teach you small but powerful techniques to incrementally notch up your marketing efforts.

See our 7 plus hour course on Marketing for Legal Nurse Consultants. Watch this on demand.